Hello, I'm Mike. I help companies improve their websites so they increase signups, drive more sales and have happier customers.

Most people don’t realise the hard work with a website starts after the site has launched. I can help you:

  • Fix poorly performing landing pages and forms, so you get more signups and leads.
  • Increase sales by stopping drop off on your checkout pages.
  • Increase customer retention through effective email marketing. Selling to current customers is 3x cheaper than selling to new ones!
  • Make sense of your customer analytics, track your key metrics and find customers with big social reach.
  • Reduce your Customer Acquisition Costs through better SEO & PPC campaigns.

I know firsthand how frustrating it can be having a website that's not performing well. For ten years I was a web developer and helped companies in the UK and Silicon Valley with their websites. The go-to solution for most problems seems to be to throw away the old and rebuild from the ground up.


I strongly believe that fixing underperforming websites requires a fresh approach. Big redesigns are expensive and they don't work because they don't address the core objectives of the site or business. In fact, these objectives are rarely thought about, if ever.

I work with companies to help them understand these objectives and achieve their goals through a methodical, low-risk, data-driven approach to website improvement.

There's often a lot that can be done with most sites, and fixing even the most basic of issues can potentially generate tens of thousands in sales over the next year!

I work on a retained, monthly basis, with a minimum 3 month commitment. I like to deliver long term value to my customers, and like a good accountant I should be paying for myself and making you money. If you're not happy anytime within the first 3 months, I'll refund you fully.

I have two packages:

Package 1
I will measure your key metrics and make sure you're always aware of your important numbers.

I'll setup and configure your analytics software properly, and track the data that matters most to you. Every week I'll send you an easy to understand report on how your site is performing, with practical, detailed suggestions on how to improve your numbers.
£750 / mo + VAT
Package 2
I will move your numbers upwards. More traffic. Higher sales. A higher conversion rate. Better customer satisfaction.

Every month we decide on something we want to improve on your site and I make it happen. These changes are tested against the current site so we're confident in the improvement. For example, a landing page redesign or lifecycle email solution.
£1,500 / mo + VAT

Let's have a conversation - say hello! You can email me at mike@measuremove.com, phone me on +44 (0) 20 3397 1200, or simply fill in the form below. I'll happily take a look at your website and discuss your issues and goals, absolutely free.

P.S. If you get in touch before the end of September, there's a 20% discount on both packages!